Why StatFest?

StatFest is a one day conference aimed at encouraging undergraduate students from historically underrepresented groups (African American, Hispanic, Native Americans) to consider careers and graduate studies in the statistical sciences. StatFest 2018 will be taking place on Saturday, September 22nd. Be sure to sign up today!

StatFest program at Pomona College ( http://st47s.com/statfest.html).


Jemar Bather video

Quotes from Michael Thomas

Why is StatFest important to me?

Every time I attend StatFest it revitalizes my interest in pushing myself as a statistician. After I get back to work, I feel encouraged to approach my regular problems with the perspectives of my peers in mind. I always come home with at least one new idea concept I learned from a peer.

What I have gotten out of participating?

I have strengthened my network in the field. I work outside of academia, so it isn’t implied that I will come into contact with other statisticians. StatFest gives me the opportunity to share experiences with other statisticians who speak a common language.

Why I have attended?

I attended StatFest to help contribute to our knowledge as a group. I was able to provide information to grad students and undergraduates that I didn’t have easy access to when I was in their position. It’s gratifying to be able to help them make decisions at such an exciting time in their life!

Other testimonials from StatFest 2017

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