Some general thoughts on writing

Please be sure to read Pomona’s Policies on Academic Integrity: Additional information on citation, summarizing, and working with others so that you can successfully maintain academic integrity. You will be held to all these standards from this day forward.

Micro-essays (fewer than 500 words)

You may want to look at the peer review guidelines used to provide feedback on your written work.

Consider a time in your life that had a random / chance / fateful aspect. Describe the scene from this experience (providing any relevant background). The title of your piece should be a single word signifying what you hope to elicit in your reader. Be as free as you like with the topic and style. We will be sharing the writings with our entire ID1 class (they will not be posted publicly), but you will have a chance to revise your essay, if you wish, before they are shared.

Believing / Doubting game. Reading Borges with and against the grain (see handout). Paper is due to Sakai by Sunday midnight. In Word, double spaced, put your name inside the Word document, no title necessary.

11/7/2018 (Wednesday)
Post your Dear Data postcards, to discuss in class on 11/8/2018

Formal Papers

(instructions and thoughts on writing a paper / giving feedback to introductions)

You may be curious about the grading rubric for the formal papers.

Paper 1

Due: 9/20/2018, 9/25/2018, 10/1/2018, 10/12/2018
Paper 1

Thoughts on writing with a lens text

Peer Review for Paper 1 before class
Peer Review for Paper 1 in class

Paper 2

Due: 10/16/2018, 10/23/2018, 11/4/2018
Paper 2
Peer Review for Paper 2 before class
Peer Review for Paper 2 in class

Paper 3

Due: 11/16/2018, 11/25/2018, 12/2/2018, 12/9/2018
Paper 3

handout on annotated bibliographies

handout on citing sources (Link to the solutions.)

The worksheet was taken directly from the Kean University Library; original source.

Thank you to Vin de Silva, Gizem Karaali, and Dara Regaignon for ideas and helpful conversations which led to these assignments.

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